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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas 2021

Best Bachlorette Ideas 2021

The days of the typical bachelorette party is a thing of the past, and now girls are looking for other alternatives rather the stereotype.. times they are indeed changing. So since we have been in this space for several years (20 to be exact), we can recommend some great alternatives. If you are the maid of honor I can definitely understand you position because you are the planner, and sometimes the planning can come easy and other times challenging. So here is what I would say are the top suggestions in the new Bachelorette market.


What bride doesn’t just want to relax with her friends and family just with a spa day. A lot of spas have fantastic packages where they will plan the whole day with private services for your guests. Pretty much close the store for you (depends on the spa) From facials, aroma therapy packages, mani and pedi services, etc. The list goes on and on..and your guests will simply love it. They can also include wine, cheese and crackers, fruits, pretty much everything you could simply want for a relaxing day with your besties.

Jack and Jill Get Togethers

It’s not only the bachelorette parties that are breaking away from certain stereotypes, so are bachelor parties. I remember when we would get calls years ago and the maid of honor would have a “weird request”. The request would be could we do a bachelor vs bachelorette game? At the time it was an odd request but now it’s more common than ever. Co Bachelor / Bachelorette parties have been popular as of late, and the boys and girls are doing things from dinner / drinks /dancing, hiking / canoeing excursions, ski trips, scavenger hunts, pretty much everything under the sun that doesn’t include strippers.

Traveling Overseas

Yep…this is something you would not think would be the case because of costs..but it has been gaining some heat in the last couple of years. The one thing is big trips especially overseas . It’s becoming more apparent when girls are doing it as a one big trip to a foreign land before she ties the knot. Going to a foreign land is always a fantastic experience instead of traveling locally/domestically. The reason is the discoveries of new cultures from food, music, locations, etc. Which always creates fantastic memories. One point of advise: if you would like to travel to Europe look one year ahead for special rates especially if you are looking to travel to Europe the following summer.


How could I write this blog and not include competitions, they have always been a very popular alternative with girls and jack and jill parties through out the years. If you have a competitive group of guests, than a competitive (clean) scavenger hunt or other active alternative might be your answer. They are great for the whole wedding party and make fantastic and memorable conversation pieces.

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts

Now this is something we know all to well when it comes scavenger hunt bachelorette parties. These types of games have really never grown old especially with the popularity of reality show competitions such as the amazing race, people love just to compete.  Trust me there is nothing more competetive than bachlorette party scavenger hunts.  So if you have a group of girls that want to just have some fun and competetive laughs without worrying about sketchy bachelorette party scavenger hunt challenges, there are plenty of places to offer those types of customized games.

In conclusion as the generations keep changing so don’t their approach to old traditions that are slowly going away. Todays’ bride for the most part doesn’t really want to something outrageous or sketchy. She wants to enjoy the road to alter with her friends with some great alternatives. Not to say the traditional bachelorette parties do not exist, they do..but are slowly dwindling away.