Competition Should Always Be Admired

Competition should never be feared, it should be admired. A lot of people when it comes to business always fear competition, but they don’t understand how beneficial it is to their own business. The essential part of competition especially in a business industry is it’s healthy and it grows the industry. The more attractive the industry is the busier everyone will be…but you need to hustle. Case in point, 10 years ago if I ever told you that there will be leagues that will consist of video game championships that will fill a 19,000 seat arena would you believe me? Probably not. But E leagues are a specific and essential part to our culture, believe it or not. The growing competition in E leagues primarily on the title of the game and it’s genre, Play a central role. For example first person shooters, sports games such as EA’s FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, role-playing games, etc are all essential parts of this phenomena. To the point, this morning I was listening to sports scores on a sports radio show..which included the results of an ELeague results here in Boston… Crazy! Even though these games / brands are under the same umbrella (video games) these games are competing with each other in order to get the audience, which is no different then current sports leagues such. Doesn’t the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the NBA try to attract as much as they can to buy their shirts, tickets, etc. It makes the teams stronger (competition) and the league (umbrella) stronger in the process. So if you ever are in a position where there is a shop or service opening up few blocks down the road, don’t be afraid of . What you should do is embrace it and realize that it is good for the industry. The only thing I would recommend is tweak if not re-create your product to stay a little above water when it comes to the competition. Admire the competition and see what it brings to the table. Learn, study it, and figure out a version of it to make it your own.