How I Use Music to Create My Games For The past 20 years…

 Everybody has their own view on what they need in order to be creative. My biggest tool happens to be music, I find it to be a complete inspiration when it comes to designing a game. The reason why is because quite frankly each song has its own theme as well as its own story. So sometimes as I’m in the middle of designing the look and feel of the game materials and challenges, I’m usually constantly wearing headphones. It pretty much brings me to a completely creative place, and at times I might stop just to listen to lyrics.

Motivation is an interesting dynamic, especially when it comes to music. A lot of people get inspired by the design of the song and the beat, which is completely understood. The beat of a song can change the feeling in your body and maybe pump up your adrenaline (if your at a Gym) But I believe the lyrics are more inspirational there anything. The art of storytelling in a song is rare, but when you find one you need to listen to it more than a couple times. The reason for that is that you may interpret that song differently every single time. A true artist, is an artist that will create a piece of art that can be interpreted a 100 different ways… That is what I call a creative masterpiece.

For me I actually take notes of a particular song and dissect it. From that it might provide me a theme for a challenge or a cosmetic look of the materials. I know that might sound all weird, but if you have played any of our games for the past 20 years, you will clearly see how music plays a major role in the visual art of the game booklets as well as the challenges.

So I can conclude with the following, find a quiet place and listen to your favorite album. I don’t care what type of music it is and listen to each track. If there are 10 tracks there are 10 tales, each one containing a different interpretation and inspiration. So sit back and enjoy, but always have a notebook nearby. Because the moment the needle completes the Album you will have a bunch of content that will help you create and inspire your masterpiece.