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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!

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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


My Top 3 Side Hustles While On A Lengthy Vacation

My Top 3 Side Hustles While On a Lengthy Vacation

 At I write this I was vacationing in Canada with my family.   Old Quebec City is simply an amazing experience and I highly recommend it, it's the closest thing to Europe.

     However this blog post is not about my vacation, it's about something a lot of people think about from time to time and that is how they can enjoy conducting their business abroad while they are vacationing at essence the best of both worlds.  My answer is simple... it all depends on the business / work you are aspiring to do, in order to bring you to that point in your life. .So I am going to mention my top 3 occupations that you can achieve this ambition :) 

I must throw a disclaimer before I proceed..and that is you need to be established before you take that step.. It might take anywhere from 1 to 4 years for to become fully established in order to cross that line.  That is real talk and the foundations of sacrifice, patience, and hustle are all in the formula and that never goes away.  But I have to add entrepreneurship is not for everyone, for many it's just best to be an employee and not have to deal with the stress.  So I really don't care if you are going to start a business or you are in a sustained and successful business..the stress is always an unwanted friend.  I just need to be real and not sugar coat this because..entrepreneurship and hustle are great words to place on a shirt however it does not describe the real meanings of those words.

With that said if you are ready to take that plunge into our wacky world of entrepreneurship than these are the 3 key side hustle occupations I would recommend for working domestically and abroad on your holiday vacation.

Drop shipping Business

Drop shipping is a business where you can carry products from a wholesaler placing them on your digital store front and selling them without ever needing to buy in bulk.  How it works is simple..the wholesaler provides all the stock photos and descriptions along with the suggested retail price and you just place them on your site.  Once you have created your store front and are ready to sell..then it becomes pretty simple.  Keep in mind you still have to take the proper measures or promoting your store and products like you would with any business.  You're not just going to start selling over takes time. I would always suggest by starting with an Ebay or Amazon Store because with the Ebay / Amazon Engine your products will be seen a lot quicker rather than your standard (website) store for sure.   This is how drop shipping works its as simple as a 1...2...3... process. Customer purchases item from your store (you get paid) you contact the drop shipper (they get paid) and the best thing is they ship it out to the customer! That's it! you never ever see the product!  So that type of business can be done anywhere while you are on vacation.  One word of advice: Do not just go ahead and google "Drop shipping companies", that's a BIG no-no.  Think what you would like to start selling and let it be something that you are interested in.  Once you figure out what that is attend trade shows and network with companies for relationships.  Tell them what you want to achieve and see if they offer a  drop ship platform.  keep in mind don't just rely on one drop shipper look into a few that way your store can carry a variety but stay under the same umbrella....Homework and research on this one.  One key thing to know is before you start this process is you Need to apply for a business license , open a bank account, and most importantly get a Tax-ID number. Otherwise you will not be let into these trade shows, let alone talk to these companies.

Professional Blogger

This type of side hustle is pretty much one of the top forms of a side occupation that there is.  But is it just something that you start right out of the blue?  The answer is yes and more so no.  No one really wants to read your "journal" of what your thoughts are with the world...unless you are indeed a public figure where people do want to know your opinions....but that can be dangerous as well.  For the novice blogger you should talk about something that you have knowledge of and share your thoughts on how to answer their questions. (readers) If the thought of "no one cares about my knowledge of _______", you are sadly mistaken, because the world is large.   It doesn't matter if it's your common knowledge about _____ or your knowledge of an obscure subject.   Someone, somewhere is looking for an answer of something you might know.  How can profit from it?  Well it's not that easy, but you should first create and Google Adsense campaign  and place it in your blog.  When you do that every time one of your readers click that link (Advertisement) you will get something from it.  Another thing you should look in to Amazon affiliates to place those links into your blog.  For more information I would strongly advise to binge watch "Income School" on You Tube to further educate you in the world of blogging..  But a few bullet points to know.

  • Start with a professional blog service like Blogger or Wordpress
  • Making it meaningful 
  • Make it Lengthy (1000 to 3000 words)

You should do roughly 1 to 3 blog posts a week, and then after several months you will notice you blog growing.  How will you know...implement Google analytics onto your blog site.  Trust me go to Income School and educate yourself those guys know there stuff!  It takes time but be discipline and you will notice the results.

White Labeling

What the heck is white labeling you may ask?!  Well it something that many are not aware of, and that makes sense because the business world is moving a rapid pace.  There is constant new legitimate ways to enhance your business aspirations.    White labeling is a term that basically means that you create a product or a service that is nameless and you sell that product or service to other companies where they can place their logo and resell it.  It's no different than selling blank t-shirts and having others place their logos on them to resell them.  The process has been around forever...but now they are placing a term on it.   So if you have an idea that can fall into white labeling platform, research it and research the legalities.   Done right, it will eventually become passive income.  So if you are asking "isn't just like licensing a logo? yes...but in this case you are not licensing a logo...but a service or product you created.

So there you have it, it's what I would call my 3 best occupations to do sitting on a beach on a lengthy vacation.   But please, please, your homework!!!  Just like anything else it doesn't happen over night, you still need to sacrifice and hustle in order to bring it where you want it to be and then and only then you can bring it back a notch..  Reward and success always translates to patience.  Have a great day!!!