Never Give Up On Your Idea

The one thing that has always been said is that “hard work pays off” and when you are recognized for your hard work it is truly very cool and humbling. Two years ago we had done an interview for New York Best Selling Author Chris Guillebeau’s popular podcast Side Hustle School.. Where we talked about the humble beginnings of Cashunt and where we are now 20 years later.

It was a very nice interview and with that said we were very appreciative of the opportunity to talk about it and then we moved on. Little did we know what was happening next. A year later after that interview we received an email from Chris’s people that out of 800+ side hustles that chris had interviewed we were selected to be one of the top 100 in the country and Chris wanted us to be included in his new upcoming book! This was really eye-opening and again very humbling. But it didn’t really sink until this truly beautiful book came out a couple of weeks Chris’s new book 100 Side Hustles.

When I opened it I really didn’t know what to expect . Even though I lived through the journey of the development of this zany game throughout the years, it was weird to read it through someone else’s eyes. However, it was really written beautifully and it brought things full circle to me and my family. It’s really rare to have that pat on the back when you start an “unrealistic” business like ours. You get a few head tilts and and smirks…which was pretty disappointing. However my only motivators were my wife, son and mom ….but as we moved that grew with my amazing clients and Chris …and all I want to say is Thank You :)

This book is a great book because it is inspiring on so many levels of different businesses that took that leap, avoided the noise, and made their passion project into a successful reality. Those stories alone should inspire every single human being that is reading this. If you think for one moment that your idea is unrealistic don’t discredit yourself, realize that your idea indeed has plenty of potential.. So if you are willing to put in the time, the homework, and the sacrifice…then you are in the process to make your side hustle into something bigger. Chris had once said that the difference between a “wantapenuer and an entrepreneur is that both have an idea at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year the wantapenuer is still at an idea and the entrepreneur is at a business.

Now my goal is to make other people be aware of their talents and showcase them..and make them take the leap. It’s just my way of doing my part, and having certain people especially the aware of their potential. Make your unrealistic endeavor….realistic :) Please pick up Chris’s new book! A great book and great reference tool!

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