Posting motivational quotes are ineffective…and delays the process

How many times in the past several years have you gone on to your social media and have seen either a friend, colleague, or even family member share a motivational quote. I’m sure there of been many instances that have come across your newsfeed.

With that said, what has to be realized is that as nice of a motivational quote that you’re willing to share… they are ineffective to the people that you’re trying to reach. Most people will secretly tell you that they find that “lazy” Also the end result depending on how repetitive, will lead you to possibly be blocked from their newsfeed.

However, there’s nothing wrong from being motivated. I actually encourage it, though I always say keep your motivation quiet and personal. The more you are telling people what you are going to do through a stranger’s quote, the more ineffective it is. My advice is simple, keep your cards close and be effective on what you’re trying to achieve. Your actions and accomplishments will be motivating enough in somebody else’s eyes.

Motivational quotes are no different than someone declaring their love to their spouse, Venting about a family issue, what they’re eating, and everything else that nobody really cares about. Unfortunate that is the complete truth, and you yourself may have blocked an individual from the repeated similar posts.

With that said I will end with is this… Think before you post as well as to who is looking at your post. Once you put that into your mindset you will definitely be more aware and more discipline on how you post. Let me ask you this would you walk into a physical social setting and tell everybody your secrets and concerns? I don’t think so, social media is no different. Have a good day guys!