The AH-HA Moment Has Not Gone Away..It's Has Become Stronger.

Inspiration can come at a moments notice with a movie , an individual, a song, and the right place at the right time. Have you been in a certain situation were a good idea about a service or a product comes into play? We all have had that moment but the truth of it is only 3% act on it and others just go on with their lives. For those 97% you might have just wasted a huge opportunity and maybe a couple of years down the road where someone else comes up with your idea, you usually say " I thought of that idea three years ago!" Guess what...who didn't follow through..

What stops a person from following their dreams? Usually other people. The people that say "it's a stupid idea" or "if it is such a good idea why isn't anyone else doing it?!" When certain people hear that from family or friends their spark fizzles and the dream is over.. However the 3% they don't listen to that usually follow through with their plan. When they succeed, those same critics that rained on their idea at the begining usually say "I told him/her that their idea would be great!" You have to love it!

But you must follow your inspiration and instinct once you have your "aha moment" because it might only come once or twice in your lifetime. But before you fully act on your idea, research it, and really do your homework, at that point you'll see what kind of niche you fall into. Once you have done all your coverage, at that moment use that information you have gathered and start putting your business plan together.

As far as marketing goes get on all the social networks and use them daily to promote your brand. Brand is obviously the key part to your business, by rushing into it you might make a slight mistake that you might regret for a long time because you might have acted carelessly. So take your time and make the right moves and things should go smoothly. If you rush into business without doing any kind of homework you are bound to fail..

I usually hear during my classes "what kind of business do I start?" My answer to that is "do what you love, don't just do it just for the money...the money will come" How many people do you know that make a lot of money but hate what they do? I know many... But it is the people that start slowly doing what they love that will become successfull in the long run and will be rewarded nicely... So go for it, make the smart choices, and always be the smartest cat at the table!

To conclude study your competition in detail, see what they do right and see what they do wrong and capitalize on it. That basic theory has been around for many years but now with the power of the internet the focus can change at a moments notice and to your advantage. Always remember more product/service at a cheaper price is much better than less product/service at a expensive price. In the past the latter would today's world that has changed...