Utilize This Moment To Reinvent Yourself & Your Ideas....You Have the Time ;)

Utilize This Moment To Reinvent Yourself & Your Ideas....You Have the Time ;)

  With the unfortunate case of the current coronavirus pandemic, hopefully we are all following the rules, staying in and social distancing.  With that said each day is painful because people are loosing their jobs,  and businesses are closing their doors.  With that said, what do we do..while we wait?  First we need to do our part like previous mentioned  and "follow the rules", protect our loved ones and our elders. Once we have that covered it's onto the next steps.

I am sure at one point or another prior to the virus we all had an idea or two about a possible side hustle or a new a hobby of sorts, but never had the time to research it.  Well..we certainly have the time now. Now I am not saying that you should spend the whole day on researching by watching youtube videos or listening to podcasts about this new interest you may have but devote an hour or two each day to self educate.  I think it's essential since you already have had an interest.  So, take this rare moment to get stronger mentally about this new project when this whole pandemic is over. 

In our current world, we have to consider us fortunate.  We have many forums / outlets that we can approach via technology to self educate.   Imagine if this was 20+ years ago..if you think you were bored now..you would be climbing the walls.  Also take this into account, pay attention to what people are using in order to work from home and how they communicate...sometimes rare ideas pop up when there is a moment of despair... pay close attention.

If you are indeed a business person, take this moment to see what new "tweaks" or new ideas you may have for your business...and reinvent yourself when this is over.  Did you ever want to create a new sub category, or try a new idea to implement is your current business?  Do this by studying people that you admire and learn from them.  Reinvention has always been essential in business..always. No one likes eating stale bread..everything needs to be fresh and relative each and every passing year. A common practice is to constantly study your demo...because that changes each and every year as well.  Everyone gets older and they like to try new things...common practice is to be that "new thing" each year.

We don't know if the world we will be back to normal when this is over, or will there be indeed a new normal..no one knows.  But take this moment and schedule your life. The days are now long and everything fits.  ie: Exercise, spend time with your family in your house, have virtual get togethers, study your ideas, etc..  By setting that course you will be stronger mentally and physically..do not be in the mental moment of "doomsday"...be in the mental moment of victory.  Take the time that is being given to all of us and start preparing for something wonderful on the other side.

Stay Safe!