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New York City Adventures with Cashunt!


15 Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

Scavenger hunts have always been thought of a game for kids...well my friends that is far from the truth. Adult scavenger hunts have been a huge hit through out the decades and continue to be one of the most sought after game experiences, right up there with Escape Rooms and Obstacle Runs.  Now with the frowning popularity of reality tv games such as the Amazing Race, Survivor, and Big Brother...people want a taste of what that feels like.  With that said if you are looking to get some ideas on how to plan your next Adult Scavenger Hunt...we've got you! We've prepared a list of some of our favorite adult scavenger hunt ideas!

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Adult Scavenger Hunt Idea Group 1: Take advantage of your city

Old school adult scavenger hunts used to be conducted in cars and would span several cities.  That can be done now of course but with that said players need to follow traffic laws and all the locations that they need to go should be a location where there is a lot of free or very low cost parking fees so the players can go out and explore the location.  Or just keep it tight pick a big city and have the game all take place within that city on foot.  I would recommend the latter. 

Public ArtMost cities has their own version of public art in the form of graffiti, display street art, etc.  It has become a very popular attraction.

The Scavenger Classics - Team pyramids, forming a word, jumping in mid air, etc have always been great filler challenges for your photo portion of the hunt

Treasure Hunting - You can either print out points and hide them ahead of time for team members to find and retrieve.  This takes a lot of work because each team should have their own set

Historic Scavenging - Have teams take photos at or with historic locations or statues

Celebrity Scavenging - Has it happened in our games? In the past 20 years we have had our share of unannonced celebrities that our teams have bumped into.  We are not talking Tom Cruise, but C,D Actors right to local reporters and athletes have place it on the list because you never know.

Adult Scavenger Hunt Idea Group 2: Find your kid side in you adult shell ;)

The older we get the more nostalgic we get with our past. So what better way to revisit these key memories of your teams past it will certainly bring a smile on everyone's face...nice memories please ;)

Top Of The Charts - Take into account the average age of most of your players and have them sing (15 seconds) one of the top songs in their teens. (video)

Roller Derby -  Was there a place where everyone gathered on a Friday night? Was it the roller rink? If so have the team(s) photograph themselves outside that location..or for a bonus a group photo of the whole team with roller skates on the floor!

Reliving Your Youth - Take a photo of person on your team wearing something that would reflect the time of their youth.  70's bell-bottoms, 80's parachute pants / Michael Jackson thriller Jacket, 90's flannel...or for bonus points the corresponding hair due of that era as well ;)

Friday Night Lights - Take a photo of the team at the 50 yard line of their high school football field

Mini Me! - Group the teams kids together for a picture (big points on that one)

Adult Scavenger Hunt Idea Group 3: Roll the Camera to Comedy and Points!

In today's world everyone loves a good video, and video are essential when it comes to your scavenger hunt

Tiky Tok - Take a video of your team members performing on of the hottest Tik Tok viral trends (15 sec)

Your a Star! - Have team members perform a scene from a famous movie.  Make sure they introduce their clip before performing it on their video (15 sec)

Dance Fever- Take a video of a team member performing their best disco moves. (10 sec

Time to Tango - Have a team member perform a tango with a member of the public...maybe for the short term be creative with social distancing (10 sec)

OPA! - Take a video of team members performing the Zorba dance from Zorba The Greek (10 sec)

Now that you have a few ideas you are ready to go! Good luck! If you ever want to know about our premium scavenger hunt experiences click here!  Have FuN!