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How we make your scavenger hunt experience ?

How we create your Scavenger Hunt experience is with you in mind. For 20 years we take pride in reinventing ourselves to providing you the ultimate scavenger hunt experience, with premium game materials...   But here is how customize it around you

1. Constructing the basics of your scavenger hunt:

Scavenger Hunt Location: The way to construct the basis of a scavenger hunt is deciding the location as to where you would like play. Keep in mind all our games are outdoors and designed for certain cities.

2. Setting the time of you scavenger hunt:

The time of a typical Cashunt scavenger hunt experience is 2hrs long, we do not really advise that it is shorter because we would like you to experience the complete game experience as the scavenger hunt is designed for.

3. Setting the radius of the game and the Start and End of your game:

The suggest area (radius) of the game should be 1 mile from the start location it can be constructed smaller if you like.  The game starts and ends in the "center" part of the downtown area of the city.  If the game is customized for a team building event, it can start and end at location of your choosing, as long as it is within the radius of game play

4. Traditional Game or Smart Phone Version?:

For the past twenty years we have provided our clients the traditional Cashunt scavenger hunt experience by providing Game coordinators, premium game materials, devices etc, and continue to do so.  However we also provide a digital game version that is conducted all via your smart phone.  That version is scored in real time but we still provide you with custom team badges as well as the premium Cashunt medals to your winners.  Both versions also receive all the photos and videos from your event for free!

5. Fully Customized Version:

It doesn't matter if you are a bride, celebrating a birthday, company, or school we can customize the game around an individual, company, or institution.  We would ask for specific information and we take care of the rest.  It brings a bit of an personal sense of the game and the game booklet also becomes a souvenir.

6. The End Result?:

The end result is, was, and always will be the most epic scavenger hunt on the market today.  For the past 20 years we have been top ranked and reviewed, and that right there is all in the pudding.  Our games have never been a cookie cut type of program because we keep adding and adding to each game that we offer in our library to bring you the ultimate scavenger hunt competition.  We are always are thinking of new ways in order to push the envelope, and it seems each year we are succeeding :) We hope to see you on a Cashunt city game board soon!

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