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Remote In House Family Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt!

This year with Covid unfortunately we might not be close to our family members during the Thanksgiving holiday. With that said you might be thinking of Thanksgiving ideas on how to spend the Holidays remotely..well we have a solution :) Our House vs House scavenger hunt has been a hit amongst family and friends all around the Country and in Canada. Our interactive Thanksgiving scavenger hunt game experience, will have your family and friends talking about their experience for a long time!

Cashunt's House vs House is a digital scavenger hunt game where you can play with your family within your home and in your backyard while you compete with another family members or friends in realtime from their homes during this Thanksgiving weekend!

It doesn't matter if it's in the same town, next neighborhood, or out of state.

Have a great time, stay safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Cashunt's House vs House Scavenger Hunt

That Contains 5 Random Bonus Rounds:

 Multi Item Action Photo Scavenger Hunt List

. Multi Item Comical Video Challenge Dash

. Optical Illusion Photo Challenges

. Riddle Challenges

. Custom Family Trivia

All Games Include:

90 Minute Interactive Scavenger Hunt via App

(Scored In Realtime)

. Prizes (Premium Cashunt Medals)

. Cashunt Online Coordinator

. All the pictures and videos are


Cashunt Remote Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Detailed Information

. A Game Coordinator is online throughout the time of the game

 **Your group gets split into teams (2 to 3 Team)

**Minimum Teams To Play is


$40.00 Per Team



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