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The Ultimate Virtual Team Building Scavenger Hunt!

CASHUNT's has been a Top Reviewed and Ranked Team Building Scavenger Hunt Game for the past 20 Seasons, and one of the best scavenger hunt ideas today has now a virtual version that can be played anywhere in the globe! Cashunt’s Virtual Hybrid Team Building Experience is a Scavenger Hunt that takes place all within the downtown / city area of the **city of your choice and is a 2hr City Hunt Game Experience all conducted via your smartphone along with customized game materials! The game is scored in realtime, so you know how your team is scoring as well as the opposition.

This premium Customized Hybrid Team building scavenger hunt is something we are sure your collegues will be talking about for years to come and is perfect alternative. If you are looking for something fun , that is also funny and competitive ..we got you covered!

**We also have an indoor version that can be played remotely in realtime any where in the world!

Cashunt's Virtual Team Building Game Is A Scavenger Hunt

That Contains 5 Random Bonus Rounds:

· A Zany Photo Scavenger Hunt List

· A Customized Company Trivia Dash

· A Custom Mystery Hunt

. Riddles

. Optical Illusions Challenge

. Comical Video Challenges

. and Secret Challenges ;)

All Games Include:

. 2 hour multigame virtual team building city game!

**. Customized Game Materials

**·(Each team recieves a Cashunt reference game book, cashunt team badges with team name on it , instructions)

. Prizes (Premium Cashunt Medals)

. Cashunt Online Coordinator

. All the pictures and videos are


The Customized Package You Will Recieve Below

* Cell Phone Not Included ;)

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