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Our Popular Customized Wedding Party Scavenger Hunt Games Provide a Fantastic Experience for

. Bachelorette Party Scavenger Hunt

. Bachelor Scavenger Hunts

. Jack & Jill Games and

The Wedding Party Race

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Our Customized Teambuilding Scavenger Hunt Games Bring The Ultimate Combination Of Fun, Laughs, and Competition That You Will Be Talking For Years To Come!

Fortune 500 Companies

Small Office Games


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Our General City Hunt Games Have Always Been Great For!

. Field Trip Scavenger Hunts

. Get Togethers

. Reunions

. City Hunt Experiences

. Smart Scavenger Hunts

. Scavenger Hunts Near Me

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When You Are Looking For A Fun Customized Alternative Birthday Scavenger Hunt Experience. We Have Something For Everyone!

. Birthday Adult Scavenger Hunt

. Teen Scavevenger Hunt

. Sweet 16 ScavengerHunt

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Our Virtual Games Now Provide General As Well Customized Event Games For Anywhere in the World!

Customized Practical Game Materials & App For Scavenger Hunt

. For All Ages

. Bachelorette Parties

. Remote Team Building

. Birthdays

. In-House Games

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Bachelorette and Wedding Party Scavenger Hunt Games

When it comes to our scavenger hunt company our wedding related games we have something for everyone! From bachelorette parties, jack and jill parties, wedding parties, etc. All our games are customized towards the bride, groom, or couple giving you and your guests the ultimate wedding party competition before the alter! All our games are clean, fun, funny and competitive..if that’s what you are looking for…Let’s Play!


Team Building Games

Our team building games are customized hybrid scavenger hunt city game adventures that can be played in most US and International cities. Our top ranked and reviewed games have always been a popular team building idea for Fortune 500 companies, start ups, organizations, college and universities, etc. for the past 20 years! Come and see what we have to offer!



If you are looking for a scavenger hunt outdoor or indoor near you, you found the place! Our game company has provided scavenger hunts in cities all around to thousands of players, new and returning. So if you are looking for a scavenger hunt near you, click the link below and it will list out the scavenger hunt cities we host. If you don’t find your city, no worries speak with a game coordinator and we will create a game for you in your city of choice :)


Our Cashunt Adventure Hunts are now Mostly Hybrid!

What we have always done for the past 21 years is to re-invent ourselves annually to provide our players the ultimate adventure hunt. With that said we are not waiting now annually we are updating and reiventing when we have a good feeling about something. Now our Cashunt adventure hunters will now experience the best of two worlds. Most of our games will now be hybrid which would consist the mashing of two worlds (digital & practical) game play. Giving Cashunters the ultimate scavenger hunt experience!


2021 Portsmouth NH to Boston MA

Road Rally Game

Back many moons ago when Cashunt first started it was a traditional road rally scavenger hunt experience before it transistioned to a game on foot. With that said we going to be bringing it back in 2021. We were to bring it back in 2020 but there was the pandemic :( With that said it will be a game that will be a road rally scavenger hunt that will be 6 hrs long and take part in Portsmouth NH & Salem Ma and conclude in Boston Ma. It is not a race but a massive scavenger hunt experience. We are taking booking for Spring 2021

New England Games

Cashunt F.A.Q

Q. What is a Cashunt Scavenger Hunt?

A. A Scavenger Hunt is a game where your group of friends, family , collegues, students, etc get split into teams where you are given several deluxe challenges as you explore your given city within a 2hr Game expereinces. The object to the game is to collect as many points as you can within the given time in order to win our Seasonal Collectible Cashunt medals.  Memories will be made at every step :)

Q. Do you need to know area in order to play?

A. Nope! All our games are out of state friendly and have catered to clients from out of the state as well as internationally.  The games are 2 hrs long

Q. What types of Scavenger Hunts do you have?

We have Scavenger Hunts for all types of events, we have scavenger hunts for adults, scavenger hunts for kids as well as seasonal games ie: Christmas Scavengers Hunts.  Also Our NEW Virtual Games Are Now Available! We have games for everyone!

Q. How far of a radius does it cover?

A. Roughly a one mile radius from the start location

Q. How do you break up the Teams?

A. Very simple anything under 16 players (2 Teams) after that every 8 players we create additional teams

Q. How Long does it take you to tabulate the scores?

A. The Results are Instant! Because all the scoring is conducted in realtime, not only will you know how is your team scoring you will also know how the opposition is! After your two hours are done you will know automatically who has won!

Q.  Are There Prizes?

A. Absolutely! Our Collectible Premium Cashunt Annual Season Medals

Q. It indicates we get all the photos and videos...Are they Free?

A. We wouldn't have it anyway :) Absolutely Free for Download and Sharing and are up for 3 Months!!

Q. Is there a deposit?

A. Yes, that is deducted from the final bill paid the day prior to your game

Q. What if the weather is not cool?

A. All our games are played rain or shine or you can reschedule.

Q. What is the availability?

A.We host games all year round 7 Days a Week:  Spring / Summer  Hours : Games Start At the Top Of Each Hour 10am to 5pm    Always recommended to call in advance for availability especially weekends, we strongly reccomend that you book in advance so it gives us time to produce your game materials and send them out to you!

Q. How much in advance do we need to contact you in order to reserve a game?

A. The sooner the better, we tend to get very busy.  We can pull last minute games but normally we need a couple of weeks in advance so we can start customization of your game.


  Q. Are there Minimums?

  A. Yes the typical minimum for each game is 8 if it is a teambuilding , organization, fundraiser, or field trip that number is higher.  Please consult with a game coordinator as to what that number is.

Q.How do we make your scavenger hunt?

Click here to find out how we create your scavenger hunt experience and how we customiozed it around you

Q. What Measures Are You Taking During Covid-19

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Virtual Remote Hybrid Scavenger Hunt Experiences



Chris is here to tell you about our Virtual Remote games that can be played anywhere in the United States and Canada! Great for a social game, team building, family game, birthday party and more!

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