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Our Scavenger Hunt Story 24 Years Later!


Is A Premium Scavenger Hunt Experience.

             Now Celebrating 24 Years!


It all started in 1987 with a trip to Greece with family, there I witnessed my very first Scavenger Hunt.  It was conducted by this Italian tour group that was staying at this resort we were staying at in the southern part of Greece.  That’s when I had my “ah-ha moment” at the age of 16.  years later after hosting a variety of competitive events, i decided to tackle my love of the scavenger hunt concept and make it into a business  From there I decided that this concept can be done much better by making it bigger of a game and exciting      


After putting it all together and having a few test runs the game of Cashunt was created. 

Our Game Plan is simply to provide the ultimate live scavenger hunt game experience to our clients and having them wanting more.  Provide more game at a lesser fee compared to  our competition providing much less game for more money is not our vision. It’s not always about the game , it’s about the client and with that in mind we create the game around them.  We also have our clients be totally involved in the game all season long, even offering a championship to the top 2 teams of the year.  After 19 years of this product and the many different versions we have created, our clients remain very happy and the reviews show it.  With that our mission is satisfied but is never completed.

After 20 years of giving a great product to our clients, our job is not finished one bit!  What we have in store for our clients are even more great competitions and game experiences, that will enhance the scavenger hunt concept. Also the promotions that we always offer will continue to be a fun and entertaining addition to the cashunt product! (so always keep an eye out by joining our social networks ;) )  The ultimate bottom line is ..we want you to have a fantastic expereince and in the end keep wanting more.  We want to be the best we possibly can be in our bringing in new and innovative aspects to our games as well as exciting new cities! we will constantly fulfill our clients needs and keep them excited! that’s our promise!








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