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The Story Of A Rebel Scavenger Hunter!

chris damianakos

From "Unrealistic Occupation" To Producing Games for 24 Years

Chris Damianakos has been a creating fun expereineces as long as he can remember. Born to George and Christina Damianakos Greek immigrants that came from Europe in the 1960's Chris was born as an only child and a slew of imagination came along with him. As long as he can remember he kept creating expereinces for friends be it a game or some sort of theatrics just to see what the reaction would be.

As he grew up that imagination led to the creation of competitions from 2 day scavenger hunts, basketball and racquet ball tournaments in high school to creating pool leagues and producing 2 theatrical plays that toured the

New England Area.

Soon after that time he decided to take a back seat and get a "real job" and it all ran into dead ends. The jobs did not do anything for him.. there was not anything that excited him. So he dropped everything and decided to go back to what he was best at..and that was creating competitions.

He studied the old concept of "scavenger hunting" and took what he remembered when he used to host them in high school 15 years prior. As well as where he was first introduced to the concept on vacation in Finikoda, Greece at 15 years old by an Italian tour group.

With that lead to the creation of Cashunt a top ranked urban competition in Boston now in it's 20th season. Cashunt hosts 200+ games in Boston alone and brings all types of people to his game making them laugh, compete and have an amazing experience during this 2 hour urban adventure. But Chris always is keen to see what the reaction to the public is just like when he was a little kid growing up.

The key to the success of Cashunt making it a top ranking attraction in Boston for several years.. is keeping it fresh from the materials, the prizes , the free incentives, post games promotions, annual championships and so much more. It is what makes it stand out from the rest. For example when people revisit the game..it's never the same game again. It's all about reinvention.

Chris had said.."that we will always be kids no matter what..and the one thing we all love to do is play…and that is what I and Cashunt will keep delivering to the public year after year as well as to listening to all the stories our players share with us"