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The Ultimate Customized WASHINGTON DC Birthday Party Scavenger Hunt!

The Classic Washington DC Customized Birthday Party Competition!

Cashunt’s Washington DC Birthday Dash is a Scavenger Hunt that takes place all within and around beautiful Downtown Washington and is a 2hr City Hunt Game Experience all conducted via your smartphone!

This premium Customized Birthday Washington DC scavenger hunt is something we are sure your guests will be talking about for years to come and is perfect alternative for a Birthday Party in DC! If you are looking for something fun to do in Washington for a birthday party that is also funny and competitive for all ages..we got you covered!

Cashunt's Washington DC Birthday Dash Is A Scavenger Hunt

That Contains 5 Random Bonus Rounds:

· Multi Item Washington DC Photo Scavenger Hunt List

· A Customized Birthday trivia hunt

· A Custom Birthday Mystery Hunt

· A Location Washington Treasure Hunt

. 6 Item Comical Video Challenge Dash

. and A Couple Secret Challenges ;)

All Games Include:

**. Customized Game Materials

**·(Each team recieves a Cashunt reference game book, cashunt teambadges with team name on it , instructions)

. Prizes (PremiumCashunt Medals)

.Cashunt Online Coordinator

. All the pictures and videos are


Cashunt's Wasington DC Birthday Dash Detailed Information

Suggested Start Location : Downtown Washington DC

 **Your group gets split into teams

Cashunt Washington DC Birthday

Scavenger Hunt Packages

6 to 12 Players     $180.00

13 to 17 Players   $260.00

18 to 21 Players  $360.00

22 to 26 Players  $460.00

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