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If you know that particular Bob Dylan song I think we can all relate because they certainly are.  With the pandemic,  life as we knew it has indeed pivoted.  We approach things differently as to how we work, educate, communicate, and play.   So with that said we took the initiative to pivot of games as well.  We did it in such a way that we had to retool as well as something we have always been familiar with en it comes to our games and that is...reinvention :)  Being the pandemic fell on our 20th anniversary of a scavenger hunt company, we moved fast as well as took our time with our creativity, by providing a well polished product.  We wanted to do it right, and not rush into things because turtles win ;)   So that's what we did and our games have become even more engaging, fun, comedic, and interactive.  By making the majority of our scavenger hunts hybrid experiences..awe have indeed jumped the shark:)


   What has made us stand out from other scavenger hunt companies is the creation of premium game materials that each team receives throughout out the years..implementing creative graphic arts to the product, in game play and in design.  The game booklets have always found the artistic inspiration from a variety of pop culture. Inspirations have always come from old retro fashion magazines, silver age (1960's) comic books, old school text books, etc. The objective to our business is that we want our players to dive into not only to a  new annual version of our games but we want the physical product to look different as well...which has made the game booklets and medals collectible..and our personal art pieces with the Cashunt stamp.

    For the past few years the rise of digital app scavenger hunts have been popping up here and there , which is great but it left us not completely impressed.  So with that said we decided why don't we create are own oreo cookie by meshing a digital scavenger hunt with a our physical scavenger hunt and bring both worlds and create one big hybrid game!  This new version would become a 2hr game experience that combines digital realtime submissions with physical hidden items, material's, and clues around the area to give the client the ultimate scavenger hunt experience!  So after a couple of test runs and the newly designed game booklets, name tags, game bags,etc..we yet again reinvented ourselves and the Cashunt brand to something very special that people are coming out to play and are having a ball with! Now in our 21st year of Cashunt, most of our games are fully hybrid, except for the moment Philadelphia, and Charleston SC..  

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